Leather Boy was among the "heroes" who responded to Mr. Immortal's classified ad which led to the formation of the Great Lakes Avengers. Unfortunately, Leather Boy was only there because he mistook the ad for that of an S&M fetish group. He was asked to leave when it was discovered that he had no super powers.[1]

Years later, after a mad Scarlet Witch destroyed the Avengers, the GLA launched a recruiting drive to expand their ranks. Their hope was to become a formidable, first-tier team capable of replacing the Avengers. Upset that he was not asked to return (and especially upset when Squirrel Girl was), Leather Boy sneaked into the GLA headquarters in an outfit resembling Dr. Doom's new leather armor, and killed Squirrel Girl's squirrel companion, Monkey Joe. He was then captured by Big Bertha.[2]

Some years later, still thirsty for revenge, Leather Boy tried to kill Squirrel Girl's new partner Tippy-Toe, but he was stopped by Deadpool (Wade Wilson).[3]



Strength level

Normal human strength

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