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Member of a band of space pirates lead by Nebula. Geatar was also her lover. Geatar was originally thought to have been killed when he attacked Thanos. Later the Silver Surfer killed a being he thought was Thanos, who revealed it was actually a surgically altered Geatar.[1]

Thanos used Geatar's death to trick the Silver Surfer and his family and other enemies into thinking Thanos was dead. Geatar mysteriously popped up alive some time later and he saved a catatonic Nebula and took her to Doctor Manibus who turned her into a cyborg. Geatar and Nebula continued to commit crimes together.

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened strength with bio-system booster capacitors.

Strength level

Geatar had superhuman strength, to an unknown degree.

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