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Shellshock was a flunky of Psycho-Man along with Ivan Karlovich and Live Wire; Psycho-Man kept them under control using his Control-Box. Psycho-Man intended them to guard his secret base in the Caribbean Sea, but the trio was defeated by the invading Inhumans and Black Panther. Shellshock shot a hunter missile to track the Panther, but the Panther covered behind Shellsock himself, so that Shellshock was hit by his own slug.[1]

When Shellsock left Psycho-Man’s employ, he kept the weapon designed for him and teamed up with another former flunky of Psycho-Man, Live Wire. They attempted to steal Alicia Masters’ statues, but were defeated by the Thing. He tried to get revenge on him when the Thing was hospitalized, but other superheroe friend of the Thing stopped him before he could reach his bed.

Shellshock was present at the “Bar With No Name,” and met his end there, thanks to the Scourge of the Underworld.


Shellshock used a special handgun that fired assorted projectiles, including explosive projectiles, heat-seeking and guided projectiles, and an expanding yeast-putty which entangled opponents.

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