Garvey Lang was a ruthless crime boss whose gang specialized in railroad hijackings. He would demand perfection from his minions he would not be below killing his own men over a failure or act of insubordination. His criminal deeds would attract the attention of Satan, who would dispatch his agent the Black Widow to collect his soul. Following his successful robbery of the Kingston Railroad line, Lang would gun down one of his own men when he attempted to attack Garvey for not paying them more.

When the Black Widow appeared before one of Garvey's men he would rush to his boss to warn him. Not believing in his tale about "spooks" Garvey would callously murder him. With his stolen loot exchanged for $25,000 Lang would announce to his minions that he was throwing a masquerade party. That night, the Black Widow would attend the party, and using her feminine charms to lure Lang to a secluded corner she would administer her fatal black widow's touch killing Lang instantly before disappearing in front of a baffled audience.


Lang was a ruthless killer and a shrewd businessman all be it a crooked one.


Lang had a pistol and was fairly adept at using it, provided his target was standing directly in front of him.

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