Gale Brown was an insurance racketeer that operated under the moniker of the "Iron Duke". His scheme involved finding individuals interested in splitting their fire insurance and send his men to burn their properties down. Those who did not immediately agree to his scheme would be left to burn alive in their own properties. The Iron Duke had no scruples and cared little for those who might be victimized by the result of his arsons.

However, this would be his undoing when making arrangements to burn down an old tenement building that was still occupied. When children were still trapped inside, it would attract the attention of Joel and Joshua Williams inventors of the robot known as Flexo. The robot would save the children and Joel, suspecting the Iron Duke, would spy on the racketeer.

The Duke would spot Joel and leave him in a fire to burn alive, however he would be rescued by his brother and Flexo. Furious that the Williams continued to meddle in his affairs, the Iron Duke would attempt to eliminate them personally. However he would prove no match for Flexo would easily beat him into submission and turn him over to the authorities.




The Iron Duke was an expert arsonist and racketeer.


Iron Duke used a pistol.

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