Little is detailed about Galactus’ life before he arrived to consume Earth-2149, which was infected by the zombie plague; however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as Galactus from Earth-616.

Galactus appears in "classic" form and asks the Marvel Zombies about the whereabouts of his herald Silver Surfer, who he had sent to Earth so he could devour it, and is shocked to discover the Silver Surfer had recently been consumed by the undead heroes and acquired portions of his Power Cosmic. In his rage Galactus battles the zombies, who in turn realise they might stand a chance due to their Power Cosmic. Despite their new powers the zombies are no match against the more powerful Galactus and they are forced to retreat while he prepares to devour the planet. Later on when the zombies return to fight Galactus again they see him fighting off many other zombies. Using this as a distraction they augment their Power Cosmic with the help of some advanced technology, and manage to stagger and ultimately knock Galactus unconscious and consume Galactus, thus absorbing his powers and becoming his "successors", later traveling to different planets for sustenance.[1]


Galactus possesses the immeasurable Power Cosmic and is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, he has even been referred to as "the most powerful creature in the universe." As such, Galactus is able to employ the limitless cosmic energy within him to produce virtually any effect he desires. Some of the abilities he has displayed are:

  • Invulnerability: Galactus is immune to all diseases, ailments, and toxins, and, he is nearly impenetrable towards almost every force.
  • Size-Alteration: ability to alter the physical size of persons or objects.
  • Molecular Restructuring: ability to physically alter persons or objects through the manipulation of their comprising molecules.
  • Matter Transmutation: ability to directly convert one form of matter into another form of matter. e.g. turning lead into gold.
  • Cosmic Teleportation: ability to teleport beings and objects, even entire galaxies, across space and time.
  • Cosmic Force-Fields: ability to erect virtually impenetrable energy fields.
  • Cosmic Energy Projection: ability to project devastating energies powerful enough to destroy entire planets.
  • Interdimensional & Intradimensional Portals: ability to create wormholes between dimensions and within dimensions.
  • Cosmic Telepathy: ability to read or communicate with other minds across universal distances.
  • Cosmic Telekinesis: ability to move virtually unlimited amounts of mass through mental concentration.
  • Cosmic Awareness: ability to sense disturbances or changes within the cosmic ether on a universal scale.
  • Resurrection: ability to raise the dead.
  • Creation: ability to create complex, sentient, biological life-forms from nothing.
  • Soul Manipulation: ability to manipulate the souls of living beings.
  • Recreation: ability to remake dead worlds, including populations, in every detail.
  • Power Bestowal: Galactus' heralds, whom he has endowed with a minuscule fraction of his cosmic power, are able to manipulate matter and energy in ways far beyond human comprehension.
  • Vitakinesis: Galactus is able to heal himself and others from all physical wounds although this may simply be molecular reconstruction.


  • Galactus, as the oldest known living entity in the universe, arguably possesses the universe's most advanced intellect. Reed Richards has admitted an inability to fully comprehend even the most rudimentary devices found within Galactus' Worldship Taa II. The Worldship itself is a solar system-sized construct that is said to surpass any natural world in beauty and splendor and yet within its computers is contained knowledge so unfathomable and far reaching it can grant awesome power to those who come into contact with it.

Strength level

  • Incalculable, when sated Galactus possesses a level of strength beyond the human ability to measure or quantify. Additionally, Galactus can use the Power Cosmic to further enhance his strength to virtually infinite levels.


  • Cosmic Hunger: Galactus requires unknown energies obtainable only from a certain type of planets in order to sustain his life. The suitable type of planet need not to be one where life is present, but it must have the potential to support life. When recently sated Galactus is effectively omnipotent, however, the longer he goes without feeding the more his strength, power, and cosmic awareness wane. Indeed, just one month after consuming a suitable planet his power will have already been reduced exponentially, although in such a hungered state his powers are still far beyond mortal comprehension. In recent times Galactus has been known to go without feeding for several months at a time bringing him to the brink of death and reducing his power to such a degree he actually becomes susceptible to direct attacks from superhuman teams such as the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Avengers and the Fantastic Four even though the outcome remains in doubt. When the universe was still young, Galactus could go without feeding for a century before his hunger weakened him to a significant degree, why the intervals between his feedings has decreased over the millenia is unknown.
  • Apparent Physical Body: Galactus was attacked and thus consumed by cosmic imbued zombies. This would suggest he possesses flesh.


  • Galactus often employs his Elemental Converter when devouring planets to help him in the conversion of matter into energy. Although he does not require this device to devour planets and will forego its use in certain scenarios, it makes the conversion of energies more efficient. Galactus also wears a full-body suit of armor constructed from an unknown material of his own design that helps him to regulate and control his personal energy. If he were to remove the armor for an extended period, his vast cosmic energies could run rampant and potentially give him the appearance of a star.


  • Although Galactus is capable of space travel via his own power, he disdains the needless expenditure of power and prefers to travel in starships of his own design. Though Galactus has many different starships in his personal fleet his preferred long range vessel is his sphere-shaped starship (over a mile in diameter) which is capable of trans-light speeds and interdimensional travel. Galactus has even on rare occasions been shown to travel in his solar system-sized Worldship, Taa II.


  • Galactus often employs a robot called the Punisher—which possesses vast superhuman strength, speed, and durability—to battle adversaries whose power levels do not warrant his direct attention. Galactus also keeps in his possession a weapon called the Ultimate Nullifier. This weapon has the ability to destroy any target the wielder can mentally envision. In the hands of Galactus, due to his cosmic awareness, the Ultimate Nullifier is capable of destroying entire universes and even entire timelines from beginning to end. It was revealed in the Abraxas story arc that the Ultimate Nullifier may be an aspect of Galactus himself.
  • After the zombies eat his flesh, they had absorbed his cosmic powers. However, his Earth-Z counterpart was eaten too; but his flesh didn't gave them any cosmic powers.

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