Quote1 All worlds must die. This we know. And thus... Earth's time has come at last. Quote2
-- Galactus

After a millennium of destruction by humans, the Earth has become a barren wasteland. It's last protector is the King of Asgard, Thor. Out of nostalgia, he wished for the Midgard of old and was the only one who had interest in the planet until the Devourer of Worlds himself, Galactus, arrived to complete the one thing he never accomplished, to satiate his hunger for Earth.[1]

Galactus (Earth-14412) from Thor God of Thunder Vol 1 20 0001

Old Galactus

As Galactus begins to drill into the planet to absorb its life energy, King Thor and his grand-daughters looked on with a sense of awe as Galactus hasn't been seen in centuries. Thor decides to take on the creature himself against his grand-daughters wishes so he opens up a portal with Mjolnir sending them back to Asgard for their safety. As Thor confronts Galactus, he does not heed to Thor's words and tells the Thunder God that it was the Earth's time to die, and that he may die along with it. Thor immediately attacks Galactus with a mighty blow from his hammer but ends up being counteracted by a powerful blast of the power cosmic.[2]

Galactus (Earth-14412) from Thor God of Thunder Vol 1 20 0002

Power Cosmic vs Thor-Force

Galactus gains the upper when he bombards Thor with a massive dose of his power, causing Thor to be shot into space. Thor then gathers up all of the Thor-Force within him and flies back at top speed to strike at Galactus while the latter fires another powerful burst of the power cosmic. As they both collide, they end up cancelling each other's abilities out, but a tiring Thor gets hit with by a final blast by Galactus which ends in his apparent death, leaving the Devourer to finish off the Earth.[3] With King Thor hurled into outer space his three granddaughters return to earth to fight Galactus using ancient weapons. They hold their own for a while until Galactus tires and creates a massive explosion.[4]

When he was ready to finally devour Earth and kill the Godesses of Thunder, Galactus was attacked by King Thor, who returned from deep space with All-Black the Necrosword, and was brutally defeated by him.[5] After their battle, King Thor gave Galactus leave to consume Mars and while Galactus was devouring it, the black blade, that Galactus believed was destroyed, manifested itself inside the Devourer of Worlds, turning him into the Butcher of Worlds.[6]

Some time later, after devouring countless worlds, the Butcher of Worlds was killed by Ego the Living Planet, who absorbed All-Black the Necrosword into himself after being impaled by it.[7]


Seemingly those of the Galactus of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Galactus of Earth-616.


Formerly All-Black the Necrosword.

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