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Gai No Don was originally Li Pan a North Vietnamese general who committed many atrocities against the South Vietnamese during the Vietnam war. When he came to America Gai No Don presented himself as a South Vietnamese business man and at some point worked for the corrupt Taylor Foundation. Gai No Don also funded a South Vietnamese street gang named the Poison Memories.

The Bengal later attempted to kill Gai No Don but he was saved by Night Thrasher. Bengal blamed Gai No Don for his many atrocities against the South Vietnamese. When Night Thrasher exposed Gai No Don as a North Vietnamese war criminal this destabilized the Poison Memories and later led them to kidnap or kill the family members of Night Thrasher's teammates the New Warriors.

Despite knowing his history (or rather because of it) Night Thrasher made peace with Gai No Don and put him on the Taylor Foundation's Board of Directors.

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