Gabriel was a young mutant on the run from Exonims and Human Coalition hunters. While en route to Fortress X, he met and accompanied Dazzler and Angel Salvadore. The trio was escaping in the sewers beneath New York City when they were attacked by Doctor Strange. Unbeknownst to any of them Strange was in cahoots with Magneto and aid the trio in escaping to Fortress X.[1]

Once in Fortress X, with a swell of mutant pride, Gabriel took on the codename Velocidad, and even stop responding to the name Gabriel.[1]


Seemingly those of Gabriel Cohuelo of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Gabriel Cohuelo of Earth-616.


A pad.[1]

  • In Age of X reality, Gabriel takes on the codename Velocidad.[1] Velocidad is Spanish translating roughly to speed, rapidity, quickness or fleetness and comes from the same Latin root as the English "velocity". With the choice of this codename, it would appear in this reality Gabriel also believed himself to be a speedster.
  • This reality's Gabriel took on the codename Velocidad before his maintream counterpart adopted the same title.

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