Gabby Harris was a jewel thief who often sold his jewels to the owner of Nichols jewelery who would fence them for a hefty profit. One day he would enter the cafe where he usually hangs out just as the Angel (in his civilian guise of Thomas Halloway just broken up a fight. Surprised by Halloway's knowledge of his criminal activities he learns about his double identity when Thomas boldly tags him with a note from his alter ego, but Gabby and his men fail to stop him.

Having kidnapped Mary Edwards to steal what he thought was an expensive diamond necklace (in reality a replica made of glass) he would force her to give it over to him. Unaware that the Angel had got her to play along, he would take it to Nichols to learn that it is a phone. Just then, the Angel would burst in to arrest both Gabby and Nichols. In the fight, Nichols would attempt to shoot the hero with a pistol, hitting Gabby from behind instead. Nichols would soon be taken down and both men would be turned over to the authorities shortly thereafter.[1]

If Gabby survived his gunshot wounds remains unrevealed.


Gabby is driven around in a car.


Gabby is armed with a pistol.

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