Gabbo was a famous ventriloquist who astonished audiences for years with his ability to throw his voice and make it seem that his dummy was alive. Their comedy routine won them accolades and invitations to prestigious events. The dummy, however, was actually Hugo a midget dressed in a wooden mask. Gabbo and Hugo were later employed by Luther Cragg on his riverboat which was used as a mobile base of operations for his criminal activities. Cragg employed Gabbo to entertain his unsuspecting audiences with his performances. Gabbo also played another role in Cragg's operation, for he would send Hugo to rob the guests' rooms while they slept, taking advantage of Hugo's size to slip in and out unnoticed.

Cragg's operation was eventually opposed by his enemy, the Rawhide Kid. The Kid was on the verge of defeating Cragg and his men when Gabbo threw a pot of paste over his pistols, rendering them useless. The Kid was then defeated and placed in the brigg with the real crew of the riverboat. The Kid and crew soon escaped and again meant to bring Cragg to justice. This time Gabbo used a small mirror to blind the Kid during a draw with one of Cragg's henchmen. Hugo, however, turned on his partner and gave the Kid the help he needed to defeat Cragg and his men. Gabbo was then arrested along with the rest of the gang and sent to jail for his crimes.

Hugo was subsequently trained as a gunslinger by the Rawhide Kid and years later Gabbo sought him out to rescue his daughter from savage Indians who had kidnapped her. Though there was no love lost between the the former partners, Hugo agreed to try and rescue the girl.




It is unclear if Gabbo possessed any skill as a ventriloquist as he relied on using the little person, Hugo, to give the appearence of making a dummy talk.

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