Appearing in "Burn-Out"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Deke


  • Colonel Sharif
  • Captain Habib
  • Sergeant Abdul

Other Characters:




  • Yak-36

Synopsis for "Burn-Out"Edit

In a strife-torn Middle Eastern country ruled by the despotic Colonel Sharif, Deke, a mercenary formerly working for Sharif, gives some members of the G.I. Joe team a map of Sharif's airbase, including SAM sites, for the use of a strike team of airplanes that wants to take out the airbase. However, the meeting is watched, and one of Sharif's men, Captain Habib, captures Deke and tortures him until he tells where the G.I. Joe's are hiding. Deke caves in, and the Joe safehouse is attacked, but the Joes, in their armored van, manage to escape. Meanwhile, Deke, who has realized that on of the airbase's SAM sites was not on the map and will destroy the Joe strike force, escapes from custody and races toward the airbase. The Joe's, both on the ground and in the air, reach the base and begin destroying it, but they do not know about the hidden SAM site. Just as it is about to fire and destroy the Joe's, Deke sacrifices himself to destroy it, resulting in the success of the mission.

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