Born sometime in the 2030's, Fusa is one of the last known surviving mutants on a world where The Mandate overran the world and wiped out most sentient lifeforms.[1] One day, while hiding out underground, she experienced a vision in which she saw Wolverine, and saw that he possessed claws of Adamantium, the only substance that the Mandate could not destroy. Realizing that he may be the last hope for her people's survival, she traveled back in time to the present and used her powers to bring him forward in time, but he broke away from her while in transit and ended up outside the safety of her colony.[2]


Fusa possessed the ability to transport people through time and space via touch.[2] She also appears to possess some clairvoyant abilities. [1] She has no formal training in either of these abilities, relying solely on intuition to navigate.

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