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Frogjolnir 002

Frog Thor and the "forging" of Frogjolnir

When Thor had been turned into a frog by Loki, he met Puddlegulp and his clan. Thor aided Puddlegulp and Puddlegulp's people in defeating their rat advisories.[1] Thor left shortly after defeating the rats, but unbeknownst to him, he was followed by some rats. Puddlegulp followed to warn him, and witnessed the frog lift Mjolnir and wield of the power of the god of thunder. However, a sliver of Mjolnir broke off when Toothgnasher tapped it with his hoof. Once Thor departed, Puddlegulp was able to lift the silver which transformed into a miniature Mjolnir and granted the power of Thor to Puddlegulp. Puddlegulp became Throg, Frog of Thunder, and wielder of the mighty Frogjolnir.[2]


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