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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The title is derived from a trademark self-referential comment often made by Spider-Man (as in "just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!"), ironic in that Spider-Man is often falsely considered by the general public to be a dangerous vigilante and/or a criminal, and to many his perceived reputation is anything but "friendly". The series began in October, 2005 and was written by Peter David and drawn by Mike Wieringo. There was some controversy resulting from the fact that the first issue went immediately into a crossover, but nonetheless is enjoyed by many fans.

The Other (issues #1-4)

The first story arc was the twelve-part crossover, "Spider-Man: The Other", one-third of which was told in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (the other two-thirds told in Marvel Knights Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man).

Web Log (issue #5)

Web Log was a one-issue storyline featuring a young woman (although her first name being Vanna was confirmed, J. Jonah Jameson called her "Ms. Smith", indicating that her full name is Vanna Smith) who was convinced Spider-Man has been stalking her since high school, because over the years, Spider-Man just happened to be around when Vanna was doing something. She later got a restraining order to Spider-Man. The story then moved to approximately 50 years into the future. Mary Jane met with Vanna in an unidentified park. They talked, and Mary Jane showed Vanna Spider-Man's bloodied mask, thus proving her thoughts of him surviving were wrong. Mary Jane then walked away. Vanna later wrote in her web log, "Nothing important happened today."

Masks (issues #6-7)

A storyline notable for its use of luchadores lucha libre and discussion of the meaning of being an icon.

Jumping the Tracks (issues #8-10)

The story begins in an alternate timeline.

I Hate a Mystery (issues #11-13)

Francis Klum returned as the new Mysterio and trapped Spider-Man and the students and staff of Midtown High inside the building. Also, Spider-Man resigned as a teacher after parents pressured the principal about him teaching and being a superhero.

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