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Frigga, or Freyja, was the daughter of the Vanir leader Freyr.[11]

At some point in the Ragnarök cycles, she seemingly had the role of guardian of Hel.[12]

Aesir/Vanir War

At some point, Odin Borson, ruler of the Aesir, decided that the Aesir and the Vanir would unite as one tribe, no matter the cost, and imposed an ultimatum.[11]

While Freyr conforted his daughter with promises of peace, he went to Surtur and obtained his help against the Aesir, answering to Odin's death with war.[11]

Freyja participated to the war.[13]


After years of war, Odin proposed to marry Freyja, establishing a truce.[11][13]

Freyja bore Balder,[14] Hermod and Tyr from unions with Odin before her marriage.[citation needed][15]

When they finally married, the Vanir joined with the Aesir to become the Asgardians[11][13] and Freyja was appointed goddess of marriage.[citation needed]

An ancient Asgardian prophecy foretold Balder's death would initiate an apocalyptic event called Ragnarök which would herald the death of all Asgardians. Knowing of this prophecy, Frigga cast spells to protect Balder making him invulnerable to injury while in Asgard from anything except mistletoe. However, Odin feared that if Balder were known to be his son it would make him a target and hasten Ragnarök; consequently, Balder was brought up unaware of his royal lineage.[citation needed]

For the Vanir and Aesir to be truly united, an heir originated from the wedlock was to be produced,[13] in the person of Aldrif.[16][17]

War of Angels

When Heven waged war on Asgard, the Queen of Angels kidnapped Frigga's first born daughter Aldrif in an attempt to blackmail Odin into surrendering. He refused, and the Queen seemingly killed Aldrif before fleeing. Following this event, Odin used his powers to cut Heven from the other Nine Realms and Yggdrasil.[16][18] In retaliation for what the Queen of Angels had done, Frigga sought the Norns to struck a deal with them and cast a curse upon the Angels of Heven. Upon their deaths, their souls would be given to Hela to punish them eternally.[19] Unbeknown to the Asgardians, Aldrif was still alive and was raised as one of the Angels under the name of Angela.[20]

Deprived from Aldrif, the Gods thought that no true heir had ever been produced, and the Vanir/Aesir union remained unstable.[13] While Odin dealt with it, Freyja had more trouble, and consequently refused to try again to produce an heir (she stated she hadn't any children of her own, explaining why she had more trouble than Odin to overcome the event).[17]

Thor and Loki

She raised her husband's son Thor, the god of thunder, though he was not her natural son.[citation needed]


Third Host

Around 1000 AD, the multi-pantheon Council of Godheads saw a threat to humanity from the cosmic Celestials, who would one day decide if the human race was worthy of existence. While the male gods planned to wage war against the Celestials, the Earth goddess Gaea gathered Frigga and goddesses of other pantheons to locate humans across a span of a thousand years and release the latent genetic potential within them. These superhumans, called the Young Gods, were intended to show the Celestials the greatness humanity could achieve. The Young Gods were kept in suspended animation, watched over by Frigga and others. When the Celestials finally returned to judge humanity, Frigga relinquished the Young Gods to Gaea and returned to Asgard. In turn, Gaea offered the Young Gods to the Celestials, satisfying them of Earth’s value.[citation needed]

Surtur War

During a war against the fire demon Surtur ("the Surtur War"), Frigga fled from Asgard with the Asgardian children under her protection. She returned to Asgard with Surtur's defeat to find that Odin had fallen in battle;, but they were later reunited when Thor rescued Odin from the Ennead death god Seth.[citation needed]

Lost Gods

At one point Odin attempted to thwart Ragnarok by casting the Asgardians into mortal forms with no memories of their true lives. While Odin became the drunken derelict Wad, Frigga was cast as his wife Freda Barker. All of these "Lost Gods" were eventually restored to godhood with their memories.


When Loki slew Balder with a mistletoe arrow the prophecies of Ragnarok were fulfilled, leading to the realm's ultimate destruction and killing Frigga in the process.[citation needed]

However, Thor survived and enabled those Asgardians who fell during Ragnarok to return to life, including Frigga.[21]

The All-Mother

At some point after this, she formed a triad of goddesses with Gaea and Idunn known as the All-Mother. Following the disaster of The Serpent's attack on Asgard, Odin summoned the All-Mothers to assume control in his absence.[2]

When King Loki allied with Hela and resurrected Jormungand to attack Asgardia,[22] the All-Mother sacrificed her own life to banish the Midgard Serpent back to Hel.[23]

Freyja then traveled to Valhalla where she informed the fallen that Odin had sounded the Gjallerhorn allowing the heroes of the past to be reborn and return to fight in the new Ragnarök. They battled the forces of Hel until Midgard and the rest of the universe was destroyed by the incursion from Earth-1610.[24] She was resurrected when the Multiverse was brought back, along with her reality and its inhabitants, but with no memories of their temporary demise.[25]


Besides the conventional superhuman physical attribute of an Asgardian goddess, Frigga possesses certain abilities to wield magic, which have not yet been defined, including the spells shielding Balder largely from harm and the ability to transport herself between dimensions, such as Earth and Asgard.


  • Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak Asgardians can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages.

Strength level

Frigga, a relatively old Asgardian goddess, can still lift (press) about 20 tons.

Most of the history of this article is credited to the writers on article on Frigga. This version essentially amalgamates the figures of Frigg and Freyja.

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