Flag of France

Flag of France

France, officially the French Republic , is a sovereign state comprising territory in western Europe. It's capital and largest city is Paris.

Ancient History

In the year 451 AD, the region of Gaul which is no part of modern day France was invaded by Attila the Hun who was opposed by the Roman army led by Atelius. The Roman war effort was assisted by the 20th century time traveller Tommy Tyme who held his own against Attila himself before returning to his own era.[1]

In the 11th Century, France was the home of the powerful magician Khor the Black Sorcerer. However, in the year 1245 AD, Khor was banished by his peers and found himself exiled to the Savage Land, where he lived for centuries.[2] During an unspecified period during the days in which French monarchs decapitated their opponents by the guillotine, the Robe of Evil was possessed by De Signy, who was eventually executed.[3]

Early 20th Century

France entered into World War I in 1914, allying with Russia against Germany during the conflict.During this period American super-soldier John Steele was active in the region. In his earliest recorded adventure he helped to rescue a French spy from German forces and returned her to his commanding officer.[4]Sometime prior to the invasion of France the country was visited by Bill Waring who came learn swordsmanship as part of his training that saw him become the costumed hero known as the Challenger.[5]

During World War II France was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany.

In 1940, an unspecified French owned island was attacked by Nazi forces. Thanks to the assistance of the Sub-Mariner and Lady Dorma the Nazis were defeated on this front.[6]

Active in the region of France were K-4 and the Sky-Devils[7] who battled Nazis in Paris, Magar the Mystic who brought assistance to French Resistance fighters with the spirits of Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington.[8] American fighter pilot Benjamin "Red" Ruff, alias the Flying Flame, was stationed at Ruxiville Aerodrome and battled the Nazi pilot known as the Black Ace.[9] Present during the Battle of Dunkirk was Lieutenant John Watkins, who was injured and left behind during the with drawl of British forces. Watkins was rescued by a French fisherman and raised back to health. Fleeing back to Britain, Watkins was covertly sent back to France as Citizen V to assist in the French resistance during the war,[10] he eventually formed the original incarnation of the V-Battalion.[11]

By 1941, various super-humans and costumed operatives became active in assisting France in the war effort. The Sub-Mariner along with his allies Luther Robinson and Lynne Harris came to France and battled Nazi forces here before ultimately pulling back.[12][13] Captain America and his partner Bucky were also briefly in France while tracking a Nazi spy posing as British millionaire Henry Baldwin.[14] The extra-dimensional hero known as the Vision also appeared in France, attacking a Nazi concentration camp to rescue outspoken German scientist Professor Bauer.[15] The French territory known as Devil's Island was converted into a prisoner of war camp by the Nazis, who instilled the sadistic Pepo Laroc, a Frenchman who was loyal to the Nazis. Laroc's island was invaded by Captain America and Bucky, who liberated Allied fighter pilot Tom Jason.[16]

In 1942, the Sub-Mariner returned to France with an army of Atlanteans to assist the Free French resistance, providing them with weapons and launching an assault of the Pro-Nazi city of Vichy.[17]

By 1943, Allied Forces were converging on occupied France to try an liberate the country. The Sub-Mariner succeeded in delivering information to the Free French resistance during this year.[18] While the Destroyer assisted in freeing important members of the resistance from a concentration camp.[19] The Destroyer also assisted resistance fighters in the town of Blanc near the Swiss border.[20] In retaliation, Nazis operating in a French town of Brest constructed massive missiles that could cross the Atlantic and used them in an attack on Washington, D.C. until they were destroyed by the Human Torch and Toro.[21] Captain America and Bucky also returned to the region to assist Free French gorilla fighters defeat the Nazi commander known as the Vulture.[22]

By 1944, the Allied Forces began to turn the tide against the Nazi occupation of France. The Destroyer assisted the Allied Forces in leading a Nazi battalion into a trap set in the town of Chapelle[23], while a Nazi attempt to build a tunnel from France to England under the Channel by General von Savage was stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[24] The Young Allies were briefly captured by the Nazis in France, but were liberated by the Free French resistance. They managed to recover arms from the ruins of the Maginot Line and provide them to the resistance before returning to the United States.[25]

In June of 1944, American soldiers Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak were active in the region, clashing with Nazi forces. Earlier in that month they helped Allied forces fight through the Siegfried Line.[26] Between June 11th and 12th of that month they sabotaged a number of V-2 Rockets ruining the full blunt of the Nazi's assault on Britain.[27] In the town of Vichy, the Nazis attempted to maintain control of the population by playing into their superstitions. They dressed up the local inmates of a mental institution as an army of Gargoyles. This plot was also foiled by Captain America and Bucky.[28] In August of that year, Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak were back in the region fighting Nazi forces.[29]

With the assistance of the Crazy SUES,[30] the Invaders[31] and the Young Allies,[32] the Allied Forces helped liberate France in August of 1944. Also during this time, Combat Casey and Penny Pennington were active in the Cherbourg Peninsula of Normandy where they assisted in moving supplies into France.[33]

In 1945, a test of newly built allied rockets was to be tested in France. When Nazi spies attempted to steal these plans, they were stopped by the Patriot.[34]

Ultimately, France was liberated from the Nazis thanks to Free French resistance and the Allied Forces efforts.

Modern Age

During the enactment of the SHRA, many powered heroes and criminals decided to leave to France, including the Thing, who joined Les Heroes de Paris, and Daredevil. With a very reduced super-human population, the French government had to hire mercenaries such as Rapido or Peregrine to support the French Armed Forces in their task of repelled any superhuman clandestine refugees.

A clash between the French Military and a certain amount of flying refugees happened over the Bay of Biscay, during which Peregrine battled Raptor.[35]

During Fear Itself; the attack of the Serpent, France, precisely Paris, was targeted by the Grey Gargoyle, as this time the Worthy Mokk.[36][37]

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