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Freelance Restorations was a privately owned security and consulting firm operated by the late British secret agent, Sir Denis Nayland Smith. Having grown frustrated with the rampant corruption that had been infecting the London branch of MI-6, Smith retired from active duty and developed his own firm, bringing along several of his close allies from MI-6. Among these included Doctor Petrie, Clive Reston, Black Jack Tarr, Leiko Wu and Shang-Chi. Freelance Restorations was based out of Smith's private Scottish estate, Stormhaven Castle. Freelance Restorations often came into conflict with Shang-Chi's sister, Fah Lo Suee, who had since taken control of MI-6. They also continued their never-ending struggle against Shang-Chi's father, the criminal mastermind, Fu Manchu, and his legion of dedicated Si-Fan assassins.


Freelance Restorations is not to be confused with Knightwing Restorations, a private investigation firm owned by Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. Ironically, after serving with Freelance Restorations for a short time, Shang-Chi eventually became a member of Knight and Wing's current team, Heroes for Hire.

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