Fredrich Roth gained notoriety during World War II as the notorious German pilot the Black Ace. Flying his customized Luftwaffe fighter he would be stationed at the Sigfried Line near France where the Nazis had a special ray weapon that could destroy Allied planes with no trace.

Eventually, the Allied forces would send their pilot Benjamin "Red" Ruff (also known as the Flying Flame) to investigate and destroy the weapon. However, there were spies at he Allied base that would inform the Black Ace of the mission. The Black Ace would capture and imprison Ruff, but not before revealing that there was a spy and showing off his super-weapon. The Black Ace would then leave Red alone to decide how to kill him in a satisfactory way.

This would prove to be the Ace's undoing, as Red would escape from his cell and sabotage the Nazi ray weapon. When Red would return to the Sigfried Line with an army of Allied fighters, the Ace would be shocked when his orders to activate their secret weapon would cause the device to explode. In a dog fight against the Flying Flame, the Black Ace would be shot out of the sky and killed.[2]


Black Ace (Earth-616)

The Black Ace

The Black Ace flew his own customized Luftwaffe fighter, painted black with skull and crossbones insignia on the side, and Nazi Swastika on the tail.

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