Franz Kraus was the son of Heinrich Kraus, a Nazi war criminal who was captured by the Nazi hunter Silver Sable and imprisoned, where he died. Franz, a neo-Nazi himself, swore revenge on Silver Sable.

Posing as a security expert called Frank Kruz, Kraus installed a state-of-the-art security system in the Pruett Building. Kraus offered Silver Sable $100,000 dollars if she could breach the security system and reach the top of the building, where she would press a button to win the wager. However, Sable's erstwhile ally Spider-Man was present when she agreed to the wager, where his spider-sense activated in Kraus' presence, telling him he was up to no good.

While Sable took on the security system (which had been altered with lethal countermeasures), Spider-Man investigated Kraus' apartment, where he found Nazi memorabilia and evidence of Kraus' real identity. Spider-Man raced to the Pruett Building, realizing the danger Sable was in.

Spider-Man reached Sable just as she was about to press the button. As he tried to stop her, Sable thought Spider-Man had been hired as part of the test, and battled him. However, the fight stopped when Spider-Man showed her the explosives that had been rigged to the button she was meant to press. Their fight ended, though Kraus escaped. Jason Pruett, the owner of the building, gave Sable the prize, as she had bypassed the security system as promised.

Later, Sable hired Spider-Man to track down Kraus, and the hero discovered Kraus had amassed a huge amount of heroin for a drug deal with the Kingpin that would finance a neo-Nazi state in South America. Along with Sable's latest employee Sandman, Sable and Spider-Man defeated Kraus' schemes and captured him.

Strength level

Normal human strength.


Kraus had access to a variety of advanced military weapons.

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