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Franklin Richards was born of Reed and Susan Richards in New York City. He was born with his father's brilliance and creativity. Since he was smarter than most kids, he was promoted to another grade, where he met his best friend, Jack Power. After running away with Jack, he was kidnapped by Kraven the Hunter and taken to Dr. Doom's evil lair in Latveria. After a battle with Power Pack, Franklin's brain was switched with Dr. Doom's and was stuck in a coma for at least a week. Franklin was switched back after Jack created a logical paradox and Dr. Doom was defeated again.

For this adventure, he became an honorary member of the Pack, getting a uniform made by Julie Power. Months later, Franklin's family went into space for a cosmic war, and was left in the care of the Powers. After being told the story of the Pack's origin, he went off into space to rescue the captured Pack, who where impersonated by Skrulls. He found them, and they where forced to impersonate their Skrull-Impersonators as "gangster" like versions of themselves. During this adventure he took on his superhero alias 'Smarty Pants'.

In a possible future (Earth-TRN417), Franklin eventually became the first boyfriend of Katie Power.


In sharp contrast to his Earth-616 counterpart, this version of Franklin Richards has so far not demonstrated any superpowers.


Franklin evidently does share his father's intelligence, being able to come up with brilliant devices on his own.


Own Power Pack costume made by Julie.


Various toy-styled gadgets like force bubbles and a sonic megaphone.

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