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Appearing in "The Lady of the House!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dwarves
  • Igor
  • Mother Next (First appearance)


  • Alps
  • Veronica's chalet
  • Castle


  • Submachine gun


  • Helicopter

Synopsis for "The Lady of the House!"Edit

At the chalet of Veronica Frankenstein, Ralph spots Werner making his escape to Cardinal and Indigo's helicopter. He grabs the gun of injured Eric Prawn and chases them, managing to shoot the copter's gas tank, causing it to explode.

Out in the wilderness, the Monster and his new friend, the tamed Berserker android are attacked by a band of homunculi hunting the Monster for their "mother". They destroy Berserker and knock the Monster out by forcing his head under water. They then take the Monster back to the castle of their mother, who also claims to be a descendant of the Monster's creator, Baroness Victoria Von Frankenstein.

  • The series ended abruptly with this issue, even though an infobox at the end of the story announced a next issue.

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