Quote1 Yeah, you gross distorted, sickening parody of a real person!! Makes me sick to look at you! Quote2
-- Frankenstein's Monster src

This green-skinned individual was one of the weird-looking inhabitants of Leonia, a sleepy hamlet in New Jersey. Along with his neighbors Scrooge McDuck and the Mole Mensch, Frankenstein's Monster was an anti-mutant zealot who disliked most super-powered people (He seemed to have no trouble with his neighbors).[1]

The mutie superheroine Scarlett Wench and her husband the robot Vizzion decided to move to Leonia, even knowing that the neighbors hated them. They were received by a demonstration of neighbors, including Frankenstein's Monster, who insulted them and claimed to not want them there; Frankenstein's Monster held a placard with the words "Humans Only!". The Scarlett Wench was surprised, as no-one had had any complaint about her since the moment when Jack Kirby had turned her into a beauty. Even then, the Scarlett Wench decided to reason with the crowd's leader, who was not Frankenstein. Her arguments were based in the fact that they were parodying a twelve-issue comic-book series and even the Vizzion had to admit that she was making no sense, but it worked and the crowd dissolved.[1]

Frankenstein's Monster was also a member of the Sheeza-Hulk Fan Club, along with several other green-skinned or green-themed people including Green Arrow, Green Hornet, Green Latrine , Kermit the Frog, a leprechaun and the Swamp-Thang. They sometimes gathered to publicly admire the Sheeza-Hulk, but Sheeza-Hulk was still unhappy at her boyfriend-lacking romance life.[2]

This character is never identified by name.

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