Quote1 You and I aren't that different, Wolverine. We both do whatever it takes, and we both need a shave. Heh Heh. Quote2
-- Punisher

Frank Castle's early history is unknown. Since Super Hero Squad is primarily children-centered, it is unknown if he lost his wife or any other significant others.

The Punisher first met the Super Hero Squad when they were kicked out of the Helicarrier. They tried to find a place to live, and one of those places was Punisher's Battle Van. However, it didn't work out, as Punisher made a frightening speech and the weapons inside the van went off.

Currently, Punisher is a member of the Super Hero Squad, but judging from in-game quotes, is not completely trusted. Some, like Iron Man, think he is a bad guy.


Seemingly those of Frank Castle of Earth-616.


Punisher's Battle Van


Shotgun, Assault Rifle

  • Punisher is currently romantically involved with Elektra.[1]

The Punisher is voiced by Ray Stevenson, who played the same character in the film Punisher: War Zone (2008). Stevenson later played Volstagg (Earth-199999) in the movie Thor (2011).

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