Frank Castelione Jr. was the son of World War I veteran Frank Castelione Sr. living in Brooklyn. After his mother Ruth died from cancer, Frank lived underneath the difficulty of being an Italian Jewish boy in Prohibition Era New York City and resulted in joining with gangsters sent by mob boss, Dutch Shultz, seek a gang, which his father disapproved.

The mob, seeking protection money from the Casteliones, Frank Jr. and Senior fought them, earning enmity from the mob boss. Frank Sr. trained his son in preparing for the troubles ahead. One night, Frank was with his gang in planning to break into a church and steal its donation money. Knowing it to be a crime against what he stood for, Frank left his gang for good, but not before punching one of his former 'friends', for insulting his morality. Upon returning home, Frank discovered his father dead, killed by Shultz's assassins. The death of his father drove Frank Jr. to avenge his death years later as the Punisher, named after a pulp-fiction hero from a radio show, in which he always had interest.

By 1935, Frank, as the Punisher, terrorized Shultz's organization, leaving many of his gang members dead in his wake. Along his crusade, the Punisher killed his father's killers: Jigsaw, Barracuda, and the Russian. After killing the Russian, Frank disposed his mask on said assassin, and later finally killed Shultz. Following his vengeance, the police concluded that the Punisher was the Russian, and dropped the entire case on the true identity on Frank. With his father avenged, Frank was undecided on whether to continue to "punish" other criminals, like Al Capone or Luciano before his questions were answered when reading a Daily Bugle on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Suggesting that Frank will carry out his justice in Germany, and subsequently enter World War II as a soldier, like his father.


Knowledge of the Italian/Jewish mobs

Strength level

Gym training.


Psycological trauma


Public Busses,Trolly Cars


M1 Thompson, Luger m42, Colt M1911

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