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As the Crimson Commando, Frank Bohannan was one of a trio of World War II veteran super-heroes recruited to be a member of Freedom Force, the original government-sponsored mutant team. Earlier, along with his partners, Stonewall and Super Sabre, Bohannan had become a vigilante who captured criminals, released them and hunted them in the wilderness of up-state New York. The trio killed the criminals, both to reduce the criminal element in society and for the enjoyment of hunting them down.

Mistaking Storm (at this time leader of the X-Men) for a criminal, the trio hunted and captured her. When Storm and Wolverine eventually defeated the trio, Stonewall and Crimson Commando agreed to turn themselves in to law enforcement authorities and confess their vigilantism.[2] Stonewall, Crimson Commando, and Super Sabre (who had been presumed dead) agreed to join Freedom Force, a U.S. government sponsored team of superhumans, in exchanged for a commutation of their sentences.[3]

After Mystique was apparently killed, the Commando succeeded her as Freedom Force team leader.[4] Crimson Commando was gravely wounded during a bungled mission in the Middle East when Freedom Force encountered the iraqui superteam called Desert Sword. Teammate Super Sabre was killed while Avalanche abandoned Blob and Pyro in the desert to save Bohannan's life.[5][6]


Cyborg X

Cyborg X

The Crimson Commando next appeared having been turned into a cyborg going by the name of Cyborg X. He had been rebuilt by CARE LABS but a testing accident had caused him to malfunction bringing him into a confrontation with Spider-Man and Ghost Rider. Cyborg X would later assist Spider-Man in battling the Sinister Six but was believed to have been killed in an explosion at CARE LABS.[7]

Project: Wideawake

Now going by only the name Commando, Bohannan next appeared on a mission for Project: Wideawake. He was teamed-up with his former Freedom Force teammate Avalanche to infiltrate the reclusive Empyrean's headquarters and put his operation out of commission.[8] They were also ordered by a rogue government official to assassinate Polaris of X-Factor.[9]

He lost his powers on M-Day.

Taking Hope

Wishing to have his power restored, a depowered and very old Bohannan whose now human body was in danger of being irreversibly damaged by the cyborg parts designed for his augmented mutant physiology kidnapped Hope Summers. He was apparently killed by Wolverine.[10]


Commando was a mutant whose power is similar to the physical enhancements granted by Captain America's super-soldier treatments. More specifically, his mutancy has kept his body at the peak of human physical perfection (though below superhuman levels). He also seemed to have enhanced resistance to injury, managing to survive having his arm severed and bleeding continuously for an hour, before being maimed by a land mine. Although he was on the brink of death, Commando managed to hang on long enough to receive medical attention and survive. Commando also exhibited some degree of super-vision, able to see his super-fast teammate Super Sabre when the speedster was moving at superhuman velocities.

The Crimson Commando also possessed the ability to be able to act without thought, called "freeing his mind", making him impossible to lock-onto psychically. While operating in this mental state, the Commando was not fooled by telepathic illusions and telepaths could not sense his presence psychically. It was not entirely clear if this was an aspect of his mutant abilities, or some form of yogaic discipline or training.

Since becoming a cyborg, the extent of his abilities is largely unknown. One arm was replaced by a large gun, his legs are now metal and can walk up the side of buildings, and at least one eye was replaced with an optical sensor able to see beyond the range of normal human vision.


Frank is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, commando fighter, hunter and tracker.

Strength level

800 lbs


Freedom Force Helicopter and other air vehicles.



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