Francis Barton is Clint Barton's son, who raised him to be a hero and help the rebels known as Scavengers, and Francis leads them around in Machine City after his father's death.

When the children of the other deceased Avengers, James Rogers, Torunn, Hank Pym Jr. and Azari, arrive, he save them from Ultron's forces.

As James and his siblings follow Francis and the Scavengers to their home-base, he tells them he's the surviving son of the original Hawkeye. Francis then becomes infuriated when he realizes that he wasn't the last Avenger and angrily wonders the whereabouts of the others during his time of desperate survival. James reasoned they didn't know of his existence. As they reached to the remains of NYC's Grand Central Station, the young Avengers seeked Francis' help to rescue Tony. Francis believed Tony is good for dead, but an elder Betty Ross suggests that Tony is very much alive. The news renewed their hopes and James unsuccessfully attempted to recruit Francis to rescue Tony; Francis gave the young Avengers instructions how to reach Ultron's lair.

Later, when the others are once again at Ultron's mercy. Francis and his Savengers arrive and distract him along with the other young Avengers long enough to rescue Tony. Ultron commanded his robots to search and destroy them, they all managed to escape to safety.

In a abandoned theater, Tony explained to James and the others of Ultron's origins and the fall of the Avengers. Betty Ross was also present and mentioned of the still-alive Hulk, hiding in safety. Then, thanks in part to his attraction to Torunn. He joins then in there search for Banner. When they learn he doesn't want to become Hulk again, Francis and the young Avengers manage to get Ultron's attention by allowing him to track there location, Ultron quickly proceeds to there location.

During the battle he faces off against the Iron Hawkeye. After a difficult fight, he manages to destroy the machine. Then, Bruce Banner finally becomes Hulk again and defeats Ultron, breaking him in half. Then, Torunn throws Ultron to space.

Much like their fathers did, James (son of Captain America) and Francis often argue. At first he seems cold and indifferent to his new friends, but as time passes, he shows himself to be just as much the jokester and flirt as Clint ever was.[1]


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