Frankie Power was a member of Sam Guthrie's X-Force as Powerpax.

Powerpax and X-Force were recruited by Arize and the Spineless Ones to help overthrow Shatterstar's regime in Mojoworld.After killing Mojo V, Shatterstar had allowed the Bipeds of the Wildways to create the same oppressive state against the Spineless Ones that had once been imposed on them.

After ending the control of the Scheduler, X-Force pushed Shatterstar into allowing freedom for all peoples of Mojoworld.[1]


Powerpax had the powers of all of the Power siblings from Power Pack including control over gravity, the ability to fly at supersonic speed, control over her density, and the ability to fire balls of energy and disintegrate matter.

The nature of Frankie is currently unknown. She is likely related to the Power Pack and to the Power family, because of her name and powers, the addition of the Power Pack members' powers. It is unknown if:

  • She is a mutant or if she possess her powers from another source.
  • She is a counterpart of some or all of the Power Pack, or the child of one of them.

The character of Powerpax will be seen later in the form of Alex Power wielding his sibling power as Powerpax and part of the New Warriors in New Warriors #48, with a similar costume.

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