The Fourth Musketeer is an actual French musketeer, risen from the dead to work against the German occupation of France. He says, "I cannot rest! Liberty, fraternity are almost dead in the world...I have a duty to perform!" The Musketeer decides that the "hope of the world lies in America" and travels to Washington, D.C. on a white horse, galloping across the waves. Once the Musketeer is in D.C. he supports liberty, fraternity, and egality by apprehending some bank robbers and capturing some pro-German types.


Able to ride across the Atlantic on his horse. Skilled fighter and swordsman. Presumably has other powers, since he is some kind of ghost, but he doesn't demonstrate any.

  • Naming this character the "Fourth Musketeer" implies that he may be D'Artagnan, the young musketeer who became the companion of the older Three Musketeers. However, that is only an implication, so we consider D'Artagnan and the Fourth Musketeer two separate characters until the matter is clarified.

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