Foundry was once a member of the Blood, an ancient group formed to fight Zarathos. Foundry may have been over 20,000 years old. Zarathos killed her son and promised to return him to life if she would leave the Blood and follow him. She agreed, blaming the Blood for her son's death, and became one of the first Fallen.

However, Zarathos never brought her son back and Foundry eventually left the Fallen to live in a secluded South American jungle temple. There she made a sword, Justicar, capable of killing the Blood and the Fallen. However, to reach it's full power it had to be tempered in the blood of the Blood. At Foundry's insistence, Blade used to the sword to kill Foundry herself, thereby quenching the blade in Blood. Now empowered, Blade used Justicar to kill Atrocity, Metarchus, and Patriarch.[1]


Foundry was immune to disease and did not age. She was able to magically enhance the objects she made.


Foundry was a skilled blacksmith.

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