Forrest is a small community in Manitoba. When investigating a disappearance, Guardian discovered the town was the site of an outbreak of Wendigo. Following up on his disappearance, Wolverine and Guardian's wife, Vindicator, investigated and were also attacked by Wendigo. Discovering that Wolverine was in danger, Storm lead a team of X-Men to investigate only to have their plane crash into Forrest when it was attacked by Wendigo. Working with Alpha Flight, the combined heroes were able to discover the source of the "Wendigo outbreak." Normally the Wendigo curse was spread through cannibalism but in this case it was tainted meat shipped to the community after a murder at the meat packing plant. Further the Wendigo curse was being amplified by Tanaraq such that it could be transmitted through infection (much like zombie viruses). The heroes were eventually able to stop Tanaraq, cure all of those who were infected, and end the Wendigo curse.[1]

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