Followers of Apocalypse

What If Vol 2 77 page 09 Followers of Apocalypse (Earth-77995)
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Followers of Apocalypse
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Apocalypse's Celestial ship
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A group of mutants gathered togetehr by Apocalypse under the motto "survival of the fittest"

What If Vol 2 77 page 25 Followers of Apocalypse (Earth-77995)

Final Group

The Followers of Apocalypse were a group gathered by Apocalypse under the motto "survival of the fittest". Gideon and Candra became members after they betrayed the Hellfire Club. The Followers attacked and almost slaughtered the X-Men in Washington. After Apocalypse's and Charles Xavier's deaths, the Followers still continued with their plans to recruit the strong and eat the weak.

Scott Summers and Jean Grey, who were both empowered by the Phoenix Force and fought against Apocalypse, realized that the Followers of Apocalypse weren't going to stop and with the power of the Phoenix, Jean engulfed Washington and killed many of the Followers of Apocalypse.

Despite the deaths of many Followers, they still continued to exist and form a threat to the X-Men.

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