The man known as the Flying Falcon was a Nazi spy active during World War II. By the fall of 1944 he was operating undercover as a circus acrobat for a famous circus. When the circus threw a special show for injured soldiers back from the war, the Falcon disguised himself as a circus crown and fired a real cannon into the crowd at the soldiers. Fleeing in the ensuing chaos, the Falcon was able to change out of his costume. However, one of the clowns recognized him and went rifling through his belonging to find the clown costume he wore. Catching the clown, the Falcon murdered the clown and dumped his body on the circus grounds.

By this time the Angel was investigating the murders and suspected that a member of the circus was responsible and convinced the owner to let him join the troupe. The Falcon then suggested that the Angel join the trapeze act fully intending to murder the Angel. During the next performance, the Falcon cut the safety net and made it so the Angel fell, injuring the hero.

While the Angel was recovering in the hospital, the Falcon learned that his fellow trapeze artists -- Jerry and Gail -- suspected him of being involved. Following after them as they went to go and tell the Angel of their suspicions, the Falcon ran them off the road. Although he injured himself, the Falcon escaped. Later as the troupe traveled to the next town by train, the Angel announced within earshot of the Falcon that he knew who the killer was and that Gail was obtaining the evidence needed.

Rushing to his sleeping car, the Falcon attempted to stop Gail but found the Angel waiting for him instead. Their fight took them to the outside of the train where the Falcon fled down the passenger cars to the engine and forced the train to derail. While attempting to escape, the Falcon was attacked by a circus gorilla that was freed in the crash. The ape strangled the Falcon to death, ending his threat.


The Falcon was armed with a knife.

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