Flowa is one of the tombkeepers that watched over the important texts of Asgard that were kept in Omnipotence City. As she was about throw Loki out of the library after hearing him complain that none of the stories in the library about him end well for him, Flowa recalled a certain story and decided to show Loki the book that contained it. However, most of the pages about the story had been ripped out. Flowa told Loki that all that she could remember was that the story had something to do with the God Quarry. Intrigued, Loki decided that he wanted to go there. After warning Loki of the Coven that lived at the God Quarry, she threw Loki of out of the library. Before closing the door in Loki's face, Loki invited her to come with him. Flowa accepted the invite.[1]

Flowa accompanied Loki to the God Quarry using Skidbladnir. Flowa revealed to Loki that there were tales of a treasure lying below the quarry. After witnessing the Coven burst into flames, an alternate reality version of Loki appeared after being hurled through a portal who sported an appearance similar to Thor, wielding Mjolnir and the Infinity Stones. Loki prepared to attack his counterpart from behind to steal his Infinity Stones until Flowa explained that the Infinity Stones only work in their respective universe. Loki and Flowa then watch in shock when the alternate Loki was killed by a Soul-Eater after it emerged from the portal he opened to return to his native universe. Loki told Flowa that he needed to find the Infinity Stones, and pointed out at his counterpart's mention of an "original universe." Flowa asked him what made him think he could do better than the other Loki. Loki didn't his counterpart was the superior Loki. Flowa poked fun of Loki by pointing that his counterpart could wield Mjolnir.[2]

Flowa later watched Loki approach Gamora after she had claimed all of the Infinity Stones from the Infinity Watch and offer his counsel to her.[3] As Loki and Gamora talk as Gamora merged the two halves of the universe together to form Warp World and banish it into the Soul Stone, Flowa wrote down what occurred. Gamora saw what Flowa was doing and commanded her to come with her to the God Quarry before banishing Loki into Warp World. After arriving at the God Quarry, Flowa watched as Gamora started digging through the Quarry to investigate the boundary at the Quarry of Creation.[4] However, Gamora was stymied by the an impenetrable barrier. Flowa commented that even if Gamora couldn't break out of the universe, whatever happened was worth it, as Gamora realized that she was being surrounded by the Council of Watchers.[5]


Seemingly those of a typical Asgardian. She also claims that being around the books and scrolls she watches gives her strength of her ancestors.[1]



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