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Flo Steinberg

Flo Steinberg

Real Name
Flo Steinberg
"Fabulous Flo"


Date of Birth
Date of Death

July 23, 2017

Professional History

FabulousFlo Steinberg

Fabulous Flo

Stan Lee's self-proclaimed "Girl Friday", Steinberg was (more or less) office manager of the Marvel Bullpen. During the infancy of the "Marvel Age of Comics" she along with Stan Lee were the only Marvel staffers. Ms. Steinberg was in charge of answering fan mail and eventually published letters pages in each major title. Another labor for Ms. Flo was keeping young fans from invading the work place, as well as protecting the sanctity of Stan the Man's office. Steinberg's personality meshed with the madcap nature and image of the Bullpen. For example, Steinberg wrote a somewhat humorous letter in Amazing Spider-Man #25 taking blame for printing the same letter twice in a previous letters page.

Work History

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  • The Bullpen Bulletins page from September, 1968 announces Ms. Steinberg's resignation from Marvel.
  • Flo Steinberg is homaged as an Alternate World member of the Fantastic Four in What If? #11


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