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Team of super-heroes sponsored by the Canadian government.
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The Flight was Canada's fledgling super-team.

As on Earth-616, the Flight was Canada’s fledgling super-team, founded by James MacDonald Hudson to be Canada’s version of the Avengers. After a failed Adamantium bonding experiment left Guy Desjardins mentally unhinged, Hudson agreed to take in Weapon X, his compassion and confidence leading him to believe that Desjardins could be integrated into the team.

Instead, Weapon X broke free, killed Hudson's colleague Dr. Langkowski, and went on a rampage. Without authorization, the Flight was pulled from training early by Hudson to combat the escaped Weapon X, whom they followed across the entire country of Canada. Not fully trained or experienced, the Flight members were quickly killed one-by-one by Weapon X, Hudson and Snowbird being the last to die.r

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Chantilly (Earth-199406)

Chantilly was part of the Flight’s support personnel. Despite orders from the government not to pursue Weapon X, the Flight went after him anyway, with Chantilly accompanying him for the team's first run-ins. After that ended in the deaths of Stitch and Smart Alec, Hudson had her relay instructions to have the Groundhog armor deployed. Her whereabouts and activities following these events are unknown, although it would seem unlikely she was among the Department H personnel sought out by the authorities when Logan released the Weapon X files to the media.[1]

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