The Flatulans live in the two dimensional world of Flatula. By 1949, they had discovered the third dimension and the planet Earth and began kidnapping parts of American culture, history, and famous people including President Harry Truman, the Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty Bell. Seeking to stop this, the Human Torch and Sun Girl hitched a ride on the Liberty Bell as it was being stolen and found themselves transported to Flatula and converted into two dimensional beings. There they were quickly captured and brought before the Flatulans leader, B4. B4 took them to a zoo where they had taken everything they stole from Earth.

There the Torch flamed on, reversing the two dimensional effect on himself and Sun Girl and began lighting the Flatulans city on fire. He then rescued the captives and stolen material and brought them back to Earth. B4 then used his device to bring the Torch and Sun Girl back to Flatula and attempted to imprison them. However, the Torch flamed on again and this time brought B4 with him back to Earth. Apparently, B4 was the only one who knew how to use his machine and was thus trapped on Earth.[1] B4's ultimate fate is unknown, and to date there are no further records of the Flatulans venturing out of their dimension.

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Habitat: The Flatulans live in a mostly two dimensional world.
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Dictatorship
Level of Technology: Slightly more advanced than Earth. The Flatulans have invented motor vehicles for transport as well as disintegration rays. B4 developed a device that could extract objects from the third dimension and bring them to Flatula, converting them to two dimensional beings. Apparently this process could be reversed when in contact or in close proximity to fire, the only thing that is not effected by the conversion process.
Representatives: B4

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