"Flashfire" was a tech empowered member of Susan Hatchi's fake X-Men team who battled Wolverine's X-Men at Madripoor's international airport. The reason for the battle was to have it air on the news channels so it would tarnish the X-Men's name in the press and Hatchitech would be able to move in and take control of the island.

Flashfire (Hatchitech) (Earth-616) from Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 55 002

"Flashfire" shooting at Northstar.

"Flashfire" used a full compact machine gun against Northstar since his speed powers were disabled by Hatchi's nano-worms that were injected into his body. "Flashfire" was then taken out by Warbird using his own teammate's whip. The fake "X-Men" were then cuffed and taken in police custody courtesy of Tyger Tiger and Logan.[1]


Kevlar body armor


Machine guns, sniper rifle

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