The Five Swords of Secrets are ancient swords of Japan.

The Swords

The Five Swords of Secrets (五刀の秘密, Go Katana no Himitsu) are a set of ancient japanese swords of exceptional craftsmanship, which can become a sign of power and respect in the hands of a leader of stature. The swords themselves however are exceptionally sturdy, and with sufficient strength can be used to slice most katana in half.

  • Kurokaze – Kurokaze, the Black Wind, once belonged to Ogun but was long believed lost. The Path of Destiny, a cult of Ogun's former followers, came back into possession of the sword, and took it as a sign to make their presence known.
  • Ginrei – Ginrei, the Silver Spirit, has long remained in the possession of the Clan Yashida.

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