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Information-silk Official Team Name
Information-silk Team Aliases
Information-silk Status
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Base of Operations
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Information-silk Former Members
four unnamed members
Information-silk Enemies
X-Men, Hannah Conover, Hannah's Brood
Information-silk Origin
Information-silk Place of Formation
Brood homeworld

An elite group of the Brood. They are the actual offspring of the Brood Empress and have no host bodies. The Firstborn operate as the Brood Empress' personal assassins and are fanatically devoted to her.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Special ships that dissolve upon landing
Weapons: None known.

  • The Firstborn are assassins trained to kill their target, then kill themselves.
  • No trivia.
  • None.

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