Fireproof Natives (Earth-616)

Fireproof Natives (Earth-616)
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Fireproof Natives
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The Fireproof Natives lived in the jungle, somewhere in Africa. They ingested a potion, giving them immunity to flame. Sub-Mariner arranged for the natives to attack the Human Torch after Namor had feigned the production of a movie starring the Fantastic Four. Namor sent the Human Torch to Africa to film scenes with a local tribe.

The natives were not frightened by the Human Torch. They captured him in and placed him in a bamboo cage. Torch later regained his strength, burned through the cage, and flew away. The natives tried to seize him again, but the Torch continued flying into a nearby volcano, where he triggered an eruption. The eruption caused the natives to evacuate their village, and the resulting lava destroyed all of their potion. [1]


Weapons: The Fireproof Natives possessed normal human strength.

Immunity to Fire
The members of this tribe formerly possessed a magical potion which rendered them immune to flame. They could not be harmed or even feel pain from fire, and could swallow flames down their throat
Flameproof Spears
The members of this tribe also possessed spears which had been dipped in the flameproof potion.

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