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Kalif, Culfra, Ronald
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The Fire-Men who supposedly have their origins among the lamas of Tibet. Learning to master fire, each of it's senior members learn how to become impervious to flame and heat. It is told that for many centuries the Fire-Men were charged with the responsibility of protecting the human race from the Fire-Monsters. In the late 1930's a wealthy man named Ronald was on a scientific expedition and got separated from his team. He was rescued from the mountains by the Fire-Men and learned all of their secrets.

He eventually returned to his home in New York City, where he was -- or so has been accused of -- attempting to use the Fire-Men's secrets to use against humanity. This brought members Kalif and Culfra to their temple in New York. When they destroyed the home of Ronald, they clashed with the android Human Torch who failed to prevent Kalif from slaying Ronald.

Invited to the temple to talk, Kalif attempted to explain to the Torch the reasons why he slew Ronald and the role of the Fire-Men. The Torch did not believe him until dropped into a pit with one of the Fire-Monsters, whom the Torch single-handedly destroyed. Now believing Kalif, the Human Torch lent his services to their aid[1].

The threat of the Fire-Monsters hit New York when a series of crimes involving the creatures struck the area. As it turned out, Fire-Men member Culfra was using the beasts to carry out his crimes hoping that the Human Torch would be blamed for them. When Kalif learned the truth, Culfra fatally shot him, but not before the Torch had his suspicions confirmed. The Human Torch destroyed the Fire-Monstesr in Culfra's control and defeat Culfra, turning him over to the authorities to stand trial for his murders[2]

Culfam would be placed in jail where he befriended the criminal known as the Parrot. Teaching the Parrot his knowledge of fire, the two attempted to break out of jail together. During the escape, the Parrot betrayed Culfam leaving him to be shot and recaptured by the prison guards. Later while being interrogated by the Human Torch and Toro, Culfam attempted to warn the Torch of the Parrot's plans before dying[3].

The current activities of the remaining Fire-Men remain unrevealed.


Equipment: Fire-Men had access to special gases that they could use to put out flames. Presumably all their clothing are fire proofed.
Weapons: The Fire-Men sometimes wield Flame Whips, devices that create whip tails of flame. A flame whip has been shown to create two separate whip-tails. The full number of tails it can create remains unrevealed.

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