Ferro, a four-armed, furred biped, was a member of the otherdimensional team of bounty hunters known as the Technet.

Ferro accompanied Gatecrasher and the rest of the Technet to Earth first to hunt down the otherdimensional counterpart of Captain Britain known as Kaptain Briton on behalf of Sat-Yr-9[1] and later to capture the mutant Rachel Summers (Earth-811) on behalf of Opal Luna Saturnyne.[2] Ferro was killed during the second assignment during a three-way battle between the Technet, Excalibur, and the Warwolves.[2] His place was taken on the team by his brother Ferro².[3]


Ferro was a talented swordsman, and given he had four arms, an effective hand to hand combatant.


Ferro customarily carried four swords that he wielded with great skill using all four of his arms.

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