An ivory poacher arriving in the Belgian Congo to capitalize on its elephant herds, when Fenton's guide learned of his intentions, he blinds and mortally wounds the man, sending him to die in the jungle. The natives helping in his expedition refuse to hunt the elephants, finding the creatures sacred. Fenton brutalizes them into submission. His guide comes into contact with the jungle lord Ka-Zar (David Rand) and tells the jungle man about Fenton's plot.

Ka-Zar along with his allies Zar, Nono and Trajah track Fenton down. Earning the aid of the natives, Ka-Zar tricks Fenton into coming in close to a herd of elephants set to stampede. Fleeing, Fenton is trampled, an ironic death to a cruel man.[1]


Fenton was armed with a whip as well as a hunting rifle.

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