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Fennan claimed to be the illegitimate son of Norrin Radd's father Jartran Radd. After the suicide of Jartran's wife Elmar Radd he had a relationship with another woman and fathered Fennan. Jartran never took responsibility for Fennan and never told his other son Norrin of Fennan's existence.

Fennnan began sleeping with Shalla-Bal. Shalla Bal would later explain to Norrin that while she was grateful for all of his heroism she needed a lover who was actually around to share her life with.

The veracity of Fennan's story may be complicated by the fact that everyone on Zenn-La was later revealed to be an illusion created by Galactus to comfort Norrin after the real Zenn-La was destroyed decades earlier by the Other. It is unclear if there was ever a "real" Fennan.

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