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What if Namor (Sub-Mariner) had saved Atlantis from its destiny? During a battle with Paul Destine (Destiny), who was attempting to destroy Atlantis using his Helmet of Power, Namor managed to defeat him and then swam to the bottom of the ocean, where he buried the Helmet of Power into the ground.

While Namor was away, his cousin Byrrah manipulated the Atlantean Emperor, Thakorr into giving up his throne. Using the signet ring given to him by Thakorr, Byrrah used his newfound regent status to imprison Princess Fen. When Namor had left in self-exile, Attuma saw this as an opportunity and attacked Atlantis. Within days, Attuma had destroyed Atlantis and killed Fen. Namor vengefully returned to Atlantis, killed Attuma, and freed the Atlanteans.

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