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Part 4 of 4. Black Cat returns to consciousness finding herself hanging by her costume from the pinnacle of a skyscraper. The fabric tears but she is able to save herself by swinging from a gargoyle onto a nearby rooftop. Finding Paul Proust’s wallet, she realizes Scar is baiting her into a trap. She intuits that he will be waiting for her at the site of their last meeting: a heist gone wrong, years ago, during which she was forced to slash him across the face to prevent him from killing a witness. He sends two armored cars careening towards her which she evades. She then sees him on the rooftop, dangling Paul Proust and taunting her to come get him. She evades a series of pitfalls and crosses a burning catwalk before confronting him face to face. He suddenly throws Paul out of a nearby window, and grabs her as she runs toward him. They struggle and she gets the upper hand, knocking him out with a blow to the throat. She has resolved to kill him when Spider-Man arrives and convinces her not to. Fortunately Spider-Man had also managed to save Paul Proust from his fall, and Paul now reveals the whole truth: he hired Black Cat not simply to serve as an unofficial, unwilling bodyguard, but also in the hopes that she would find and destroy Project First Strike – it was also he who had leaked information of its existence to Cardiac. The next week, Loop informs her of an attempted terrorist attack on the Stock Exchange building, which she is able to thwart. She then uploads an advertisement for her and Paul's new joint security business on all the Stock Exchange computers.

  • Plot by Kavanagh, script by Cavalieri.

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