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Part 3 of 4. Black Cat battles the First Strike cyborg team alongside Cardiac. They emerge victorious, but a self-destruct mechanism is activated. Black Cat refuses to let the innocent guards die and struggles to destroy the mechanism as Cardiac flees. Cardiac’s hover hawk pulls her out of the building just before the rooftop explodes, and he tells her he was able to pull the innocents to safety too. He also claims to have information about the Chimera, telling her it is a person, not a thing, before fleeing the scene. Meanwhile, the scarred man has fled into the underground subway system where he retrieves a secret stash of money, which he uses to buys weaponry to kill the Black Cat. Felicia returns to her apartment to find it burgled and defaced with threats against her. She realizes it must be Brian Lash, a former ally and lover out for revenge, who also happens to be the son of Loop. She contacts Loop who warns her that he is crazy and dangerous. Still on the trail of the Chimera, she breaks into Paul Proust’s mansion. At first pretending to be sleeping, he then pulls out champagne and flirts with her once again. She realizes that he himself is the Chimera, and she was hired “to find out how tight the security is surrounding [him].” Just then, the scarred man, now fully armed and costumed as Scar the Stalker, breaks in and shoots Black Cat with a drug-laced arrow.

  • Plot by Kavanagh, script by Cavalieri.

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