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Part 2 of 4. Black Cat handles Faze and his Mechabytes with little trouble, and he flees the scene onto a helicopter, only to discover that the Black Cat has replaced the pilot. She then drops him into the harbor from the helicopter, tossing a life preserver down after him. Later, Felicia pays a visit to an old cat burglar named Loop, a friend of her father's imprisoned in a minimum security facility, by pretending to be his wife. That night, she returns in costume to provide him with a disc taken from the Cobalt yacht, and asks him to retrieve information relating to “Project First Strike,” which a yacht crewman had mentioned. Meanwhile, the scarred man has arisen and murders several guards. Later, Felicia goes out dancing with Paul Proust, then to his apartment afterwards. He flirts with her again, and she seems receptive but then drugs him with a sedative hidden in a fingernail. She searches his computer for information the Chimera, but when she discovers the relevant files are password protected she decides to break into the company itself for firsthand information. After knocking out some guards, she discovers a refrigerated chamber where a team of cyborgs is awakened and begins to battle her. She realizes this team is Project First Strike. Just then Cardiac arrives, threatening to destroy both Project First Strike and the Black Cat alike.

  • Plot by Kavanagh, script by Cavalieri.

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