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Wallace Corlee is the hateful, racist sheriff of Topequa, Florida. He pursues a black man named Mark Jackson into the swamplands outside of town. Corlee shoots Jackson in the shoulder, but the refugee manages to evade capture until he finally collapses from exhaustion. When he revives he finds the Man-Thing standing in front of him. Jackson is more afraid of the sheriff still hunting for him than he is of the muck monster. He tells the Man-Thing that the sheriff framed him for a burglary and is chasing him because Mark was romantically involved with a white woman (one that the sheriff had set his eye on). He continues to speak to the Man-Thing at length despite the fact that the Man-Thing does not have the intellect to comprehend anything that he is saying. Regardless, the creature listens to the man's story intently. Before long, Sheriff Corlee catches up with Jackson and draws his gun. He reveals that Jackson is a liar and is actually wanted for murder. Jackson confesses to the crime, but pleads that he wasn't left with a choice. The Man-Thing cannot determine the validity of the conflicting emotions he senses, so he begins to walk away. Once Corlee gets a clear shot, he shoots Jackson dead. The Man-Thing turns when he hears the sheriff joyously laughing over what he has done. The Man-Thing approaches, prompting terror in the sheriff's eyes. The Man-Thing grabs Corlee by the face and uses his burning touch to kill him.

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This story is a reprint of the comic
Menace #8.

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  • Derck Winters (Only appearance)[1]

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  • Basil Blake (Only appearance; dies)[1]


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  • Janice (Only appearance)[1]




  • Basil Blake's car

's Swamp

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Derck Winters is quite possibly the ugliest man in the world. Trapped within a pitiful existence, Derck's shame prevents him from forming any sort of social bonds including friendships, romantic relationships or even the ability to hold a job. He once consulted a plastic surgeon, but the doctor told him that there was only man in the world skillful enough to change his face. His name is Basil Blake, but he lives in London and charges $10,000 per operation. Derck cannot even afford airfare to England let alone the cost of the operation. More morose than ever, Derck leaves his apartment and crosses the street. A car strikes him knocking him to the ground. Derck is uninjured, but upon seeing the affluence of the man who struck him, decides to take advantage of the situation. The man is apologetic and offers to help. Derck demands money for his "injuries" or else he will sue him. The man gives him $500, but Derck knows that he can get more. He flies into a rage and strangles the man. As the driver falls dead to the ground, Derck rifles through his wallet. Mad fits of hysterical laughter overwhelm him as he sees the I.D. of the man he just murdered - Basil Blake, the plastic surgeon.

Solicit Synopsis:

Manhunt for a Man-Thing!

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